Latest Web Design Trends in WordPress Themes

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  • October 29, 2014

Responsive Web Design (RWD)

You, everyone here at MT and even our neighbours we are now all using mobile devices for accessing the web.  This is just the world we live in today! Surely you have shopped / browsed online before? In fact you doing this right now… We bet you that unless the experience was pleasant and you didn’t have to do all the scrolling / zooming business you didn’t stay long.  That’s why nearly 99% of the time RWD in theme development comes as a standard feature. Most of all WordPress themes released last year have been responsive.

Big Beautiful Fonts (BBF)

Typical weights and sizes – aren’t cutting it anymore. So here comes Big Beautiful Fonts which help website users navigate easier and can also make a strong statement. BBF’s also define the look and feel of the design.

Full Screen Backgrounds

Another popular web design trend is full screen backgrounds. These backgrounds look pretty amazing when combined with some awesome graphics and large typography. But be careful when going for fullscreen backgrounds – high quality photographs or videos often result in slow load times, especially on mobile devices.

One Page Designs

It has been growing in popularity for several years now. Most users like this type of design because it is faster and easier to scroll through a website than having to click through number of links to access various information. So the main benefit of single page websites is that users can expect to find everything they are looking for on one page. This type of website is great for a portfolio or small businesses, who may not have a great deal of content.


Parallax – is cool and certainly here to stay. Surely you’ve seen it in action? Ok, for those unfamiliar – it’s a special technique for creating an illusion of the depth in a 2D space.

Flat Design

We also love it here at MT – because it is simple, clean and modern.
Flat design – is the result of combining minimalism and creative design, focusing more on usability and removing unnecessary distractions. Things like these can help in growing your websites conversion rate. Companies such as Apple and Microsoft are using flat web design, certainly can’t go wrong with it if big boys use it?

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