How will SEO change in 2015?

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  • November 27, 2014

How will SEO change in 2015SEO is continuously changing and what worked before may not work today. Thus, if you are using old SEO tactics it may adversely affect your site. Here is few points to consider:


We believe that links play the most important role in SEO world, but if you think that the more links the better – you are wrong! Lots of back-links are not necessary these days. Rather try and focus on good quality links because low quality ones don’t have positive effect and worst – you may even get penalized. Focus on links that are relevant to your industry and do not have a lot of outgoing links. Remember that one good quality link will do much more for your ranking than hundreds or thousands of low quality directory links.

Anchor text also fails into this category and everyone know that anchor text rich links are very important and powerful. But they’re also a huge signal for spam. Don’t excessively use same keywords as the anchor text, try to vary them in your anchors. Also be careful with guest posting, here your anchor text will look as spam.

Having said all that, anchor text is still very powerful and good for search engines because they can find relative content easier and rank it accordingly.


In some markets, it is really hard to rank, so try to use words that are used by your target audience. Specific long tail keywords will be easer to rank well for than more single or double keyword phrases.With long tail keywords you pull less traffic but you can still attract audience you are looking for.

Also, stop putting a list of keywords in the page title because every page should have unique title.
Use descriptive title that considers branding and share ability. Your users should find your page titles interesting.

Meta descriptions are also important and although they are only 160 character long, make sure each one is as unique as possible.


Everyone knows that Google loves content, but if you think more content the better you are wrong again. Why? Because Google loves only high quality content! So yours should provide a real value to your readers so it also gets shared on social media. Small amount of good quality content is much better than a lot of poor content which nobody will care about. Make sure it is fun to read.

Write your content for your visitors, not the search engines! Don’t forget about the images, video also play important role, try to make it as interactive as possible.So how will SEO change in the next couple years?

The answer is no one knows for sure but we’ll keep you posted! Just remember that SEO has always been about creating great content on properly build web sites!!!