Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Is very important if you want to succeed online. Our low cost SEO service packages are the perfect way for you to increase your website visibility on Google. Search Engine Optimisation can elevate your website to page Nr.1 generating 1,000′s of prospective customers.

SEO services include:

  •      Website’s analytics analysis
  •      Competitor analysis
  •      Keyword research
  •      On-site SEO
  •      Off-site SEO
  •      Manual link building
  •      Monitoring and monthly SEO report

Why are we different to other companies offering SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation  is not an exact science and whilst other companies do have an idea of how Google bots work, optimising website is not that straight forward. Of course there are guidelines on what search engines are actually looking for when reading and prioritising websites for their rankings, we rely on our knowledge and expertise we gained throughout the years.

Beware: some SEO Companies use “Black Hat” techniques which is a quick way to get you to the top however you might find your website get penalised by Google.

We on the other hand are only using safe techniques called “White Hat”. Which might take a little longer to get your site to the top but this is the right way!

How much SEO services cost?

In order to give you an answer we would have to look at the number of various factors specific to your niche, below are some of them:

  • How competitive is the keywords you are targeting?
  • How well your competitors are marketing themselves?
  • Current position you are holding for the keywords you want to target in the search engines?
  • The number of links pointing to your website from other websites?
  • How optimised is you websites code?

Thus, there isn’t one price fits all. To find out more about our SEO services - Get in Touch!

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