Here at MaverickThemes we can offer you an e-commerce solution that doesn’t break the bank. Don’t you rather invest more money in advertising of your new business or stock?

As you know first thing you need is a Theme which will sit on top of one of the two platforms we work with: WordPress + WooCommerce plugin or PrestaShop.

Now whats the difference between the two?

Due to their differences in their nature and features, here’s the following conclusion (read full article here):

  • PrestaShop is recommended for people who want to focus on selling products only without managing a site for other purposes like blog, forum and photography.
  • WooCommerce is suitable for people who have already run a WordPress site and would like to get sales from the site directly.

Of course the choice of e-commerce platforms isn’t limited to just these two there are other solutions available too, Shopify for example which is also mega powerful. Thus, if you are interested in a bespoke solution like that – Get in touch!

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